Isle of ‘Mad Man’ 2016

The Isle of Man called for late evenings and early mornings in order to catch the featured races that infact were highlights.

It’s unfortunate really that we have to watch the races like this. Watching live coverage would be amazing. I feel like more should be invested in getting live coverage of these races because in all honesty we are watching history being made every time these guys go around this historic track. Not only that but it is breathtaking racing!

This years TT was the tale of two men, Ian Hutchinson and Michael Dunlop.

Dunlop started it all off with a win in the Superbike race. Hutchinson then took three wins in a row with the Supersport and Superstock races going his way and by some distance too. Dunlop being disqualified from the first Supersport race with the use of a part deemed to be illegal.


With Hutchinson dominating the moutain course it seemed Dunlop was out of it and all money was suddenly on Hutchinson to take the Senior as well. Dunlop however would have the final say, breaking every course record on the way to victory in the Senior TT.


The post race interviews got heated when Hutchinson got his turn to speak, making note of what had taken place behind the scenes with Michael Dunlop and his team. A little Rossi, Marquez and Lorenzo moment going down at the Isle of Man.

Hutchinson very surprisingly stating that it may take some convincing to get him back to the TT next year because of everything that happened. Let’s hope for the sake of the Isle of Man and the racing that he was just speaking out emotion.


Back to the racing itself though and I will admit that the Supersport races are my personal favourite. Watching these guys ride those 600’s to the absolute limit is just extraordinary. Hearing the 600cc engines scream their way around the mountain course, there is nothing else like it and in this particular race you can see why 600’s are still great bikes. Long live the 600 class!

As for the Superbikes and Superstock races. The speed of those machines is unbelievable and in the hands of these guys it’s frankly scary to watch but at the same time you can’t take your eyes off the screen.

As old as the Honda Fireblade may be in comparison to the new technological wonders, it still amazes and competes. It actually is still preferred ahead of the likes of the new Yamaha R1 by the top guys. Not only that but I still think it’s a beautiful bike. Honda got it right with that bike and with rumours from the commentators, backed up by Mcguinness in the post race interviews, that Honda will have a new bike for next years race, they have a lot to live up to.

The BMW’S though were supremely quick, especially in the hands of Hutchinson and Dunlop.

As I expected the Honda RC213V of Bruce Anstey, sounded extraordinary. Maybe a new race could be born from it, (hint hint MotoGP manufacturers). The road replicas of course. How amazing would that be. What a beautiful soundtrack that would produce around the Isle. Unfortunately Anstey was not fully fit, however he did take a victory in the week, winning the Zero TT.

One of the stories of the week though was undoubtedly Dean Harrison. The young gun having a great week. No doubt he will be one to watch next year and records may again be falling, look out Hutchinson and Dunlop. Even the commentators saying Harrison doesn’t know just how good he is yet.

On the other end of the scale though, we may have seen the end to the reign of John Mcguinness. He took no victories this year and it seems the younger guys now have his number. He however did say he will be back to ride the new Honda next year and with Mcguinness you just never know.

The Lightweight class was won by Ivan Lintin while the two sidcar races, not my cup of tea I have to say, went to John Holde and Andrew Winkle in race one. Race two going to brothers Ben and Tom Birchall.

All in all it was another year of unbelievable racing. Next year already seems as though it will be a tastey one with new Honda’s set to line up and let’s not forget Suzuki’s new Gixxer will be out. Let’s hope one of the top guys will be on it and maybe the R1’s will make a better showing. Bike wise, it should be an interesting watch, rider wise it could be much closer.

Hutchinson took the overall points win with Harrison second, Dunlop third.

Sadley there were four deaths in the week with Paul Shoesmith, Andrew Soar, Dwight Bear and Ian Bell Losing their lives at this years Isle of Man.

Thoughts are with their family and friends.

This has been my word on the Isle of Man 2016.


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