SuperGP Champions Weekend.

The 2016 SuperGP has come and gone. This weekend saw the final round take place at Red Star Raceway in Delmas.
I had planned to get down to the racing, how could I not? It was after all the final round of the season and the weekend the champions would be crowned.

In the end I wasn’t able to make it however, to my surprise, the racing was being live streamed. This was exciting news, not just for me, but for South African racing in general.
It was just awesome not to have to miss the racing. Not only that, but as I’ve mentioned before, it is shame not to be able to see more of the on track action.
This season has been one to remember, with some of the best motorcycle racing the South African national championships has seen. Being able to now see every race, every overtake and all the sublime talent via live streaming, just brilliant!


The racing did not disappoint either. One national title had already been wrapped up by Adolf Boschoff (Neolife, Portable Shade, Motul Yamaha R6) in the Super600 class. This however would not stop him from giving his absolute all, and would not stop his rivals from doing the same.

Race 1 of the Super600’s would see Boshoff starting from last on the grid after a crash in qualifying. Can you say #fromlasttofirst? He most certainly tried. Boshoff gave it his absolute all, fighting his way past nine riders in half a lap. After lap 2, Boschoff was already in fourth place. Not long after it was third, then second, he was flying!
Odendaal (Petra Yamaha Racing R6) had started from pole and lead into the first corner. Odendaal was Boshoff’s next target.
Blaze Baker (Uncle Andy, Honeydew Suzuki, Motul GSXR600) and Malcolm Rudman (Montclair Motorcycles Kawasaki ZX-6R) were fighting it out for third, that is until Baker lost rear grip, experienced a technical and fell out of podium contention.
Byron Bester (Hi-Tech Elements Arai Helmets Grange Workwear Kawasaki ZX-6R) was using all of his overseas EJC experience and was battling it out with Dylan Barnard for fourth. Bester would win the battle.
Back up front, and there was nothing Boshoff could do about the pace of Odendaal. He would settle for a brilliant second, from last on the grid. Rudman third.


Race 2, and it was more of the same from Boshoff, fighting his way through the pack. This time however, he was joined by Blaze Baker on the Suzuki, after he was forced to start from the back following a technical issue moments before the start of the race. That would result in a massive dual for second between Baker and Boshoff.
Boshoff’s bike would break down with just a few corners left before the finish. Baker taking a hard fought second place.
Odendaal was again the run away winner, showing what may have been if he wasn’t away on international duty during the previous two rounds. Adolf Boshoff would unfortunately be left broken down on the side of the track. He would not have been to upset in the end though as he had already been crowned the 2016 Super600 champion!
Although Blaze Baker had a mixed weekend, the second place in race 2 would secure his runner up spot in the championship ahead of Steven Odendaal.

Coming in to the final weekend, the SuperGP title had yet to be decided. It was all to race for between Clinton Seller (Neolife, Portable Shade, Motul Yamaha R1) and Mathew Scholtz (ETR Nashua Yamaha R1).
Scholtz had the first say as he got the holeshot from pole position. Later in to the first lap, Seller had a massive moment. He rode into the back of Mathew Scholtz, almost taking out the both of them. Seller though would be the the only one to go down. He went down hard, bringing an end to his weekend and his title challenge. Scholtz then broke away on his way to victory, the one that would secure the title. Michael White (Consortium Shipping Yamaha R1) would finish second ahead of Greg Geldenhuis (Autohaus Towing Kawasaki ZX-10R).
The battle of the race was between Themba Khumalo (ETR Nashua Yamaha R1) and Brent Harran (MVC Marketing, RideFast Magazine Kawasaki ZX-10R) for fifth place. Brent Harran would come out on top.


After his crash in race 1, Seller would not start race 2, and Scholtz had already wrapped up the championship. That would however not mean boring racing. These guys are professional athletes, there is always competition. Michael White would make a mistake a few laps in, allowing Greg Geldenhuis to race to second. Themba Khumalo would unfortunately not repeat his brilliance in race 1, going down later in the race. The ride of the race must go to AJ Venter as he rode his way to fifth from last on the grid, on board an R for the second race. Brandon Goode (Linex Yamaha R1) rounding up the podium in third.

Another title up for grabs was the SuperJunior nationals. Aidan Liebenberg would be the man of the moment as he came home second in race 1. CJ Hackart riding his way to first in style ahead of the newly crowned champion. Luca Coccioni missing out on a well deserved podium after a technical forced him to the gravel.


The pressure was off for race two and it showed. A great fight for the win between Liebenberg and Hackart. Liebenberg would take the final win of the season, capping off his championship win. Dominic Doyle came close to pulling himself in to the fight for first but would in the end have to settle for third.

My word on the final round of the SuperGP.


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