Brace yourself, MotoGP is Coming…

Okay so maybe that play on words is getting a little old and is slightly overrated, but that what the first thing that came to mind, so I went with it.

Can you freakin’ believe it though? MotoGP is back this weekend! I am, as I know many are, ridiculously excited! Enough with all these ball sports like, foot(get tackled roll around dying get paid millions and blame the manager for your s#!ty team losing again)ball, and Cric(nah we don’t feel like it we will play when we want actually no I will just move overseas and get paid for more game time there)ket.

That’s just not sport

It’s time for some real competitive sport, where the competitors are risking all for victory and the only thing between them and victory is another competitor and his machine. I have grown to absolutely love this sport and in particular MotoGP. Yes, there is a little drama here and there too, but that is mostly settled on the track, and most of the time it’s for good reason.

I made the bold decision recently, that may have me killed in my sleep by Rossi fans, to officially announce my allegiance to Maverick Vinales. Oh my word! How could I possibly do that when The Doctor has yet to leave the building, and now I am supporting the man on the other side of his pit garage? “Disgraceful”, they may say. But don’t judge me just yet. Vale is and will always be my number 1, he is the Greatest Of All Time after all. I am just getting myself used to life without The Doctor around.

My Facebook profile pic

Let’s be honest with ourselves, as much as we wish it wasn’t true and as much as it may seem he will go on forever, the time will soon come where we say goodbye to the biggest name in motorsports. It is a sad thought but that is why I have decided to put myself out there, and show everyone that there is life after Rossi. (I just said that didn’t I?).

Maverick Vinales has been the easy choice for me, watching him progress over the last few years. He has a natural ability on a motorcycle and a really great style that I believe will most definitely win championships. Maybe he won’t do it in his first year on the M1, maybe he will, but I am backing him to do it. If the pre-season tests are anything to go by, and yes trolls and know it all’s, I know we can’t base a season on pre-season, but damn has Vinales not been impressive!?

Vinales in Qatar (courtesy of the Maverick Vinales Facebook page)

It all starts this weekend in Qatar, under the floodlights. Rossi chasing the illusive 10th title, Lorenzo looking to take it back from Marquez, who himself will be looking to prove all critics wrong and go back to back again. Then we have our outsiders, Vinales looking to officially join the ‘Aliens’ with a first title, Iannone will want to show Ducati what they let go, and put Suzuki well and truly back on the map. Did someone say Pedrosa? Who will have the first say?

Then there is the chaos and close racing of Moto3. Not much beats the excitement of watching them fight it out. I am really hoping our man Darryn Binder can get up to the front and fight for podiums this season, especially now that his team has now moved over to KTM and are no longer riding those slow Mahindra’s. Our other man, and outgoing Moto3 champion, Brad Binder, is on his new Moto2 KTM machine. Let’s hope it’s a good first season on the bigger bike for Brad. The KTM does look quick and sharp so far from what we have seen in pre-season.


Some of our questions will be answered this weekend, but it’s only just the beginning of a very long season.

This is my word on the weeks build up to MotoGP 2017, and race 1 in Qatar.

(Featured and Qatar track image credit: MotoGP facebook page)



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