Kyalami Track Day

This past Saturday, the 18th of March, saw one of the very few track days that will be hosted at Kyalami for the time being.

The newly renovated, world class facility and racing circuit, is a place anyone wanting to ride a motorcycle around a track will want to be and have the chance to do just that. The event was hosted by Track-Daze. Check out the Track-Daze website ( for details on other track days they will be hosting, you won’t regret it, they organise a great day, and Kyalami was an example of that.


Now, I did not exactly get to experience the track day for all it is. Unfortunately, and something I most certainly have to change in the future, I don’t ride track. Some saving and growing a pair is in order. I however, did not want to miss out on the experience.

I got to the track early, well at least I thought I did, not realising what early really is for the track day goers, and got my first experience of a full on track day at a truly world class circuit.

I joined Rob from RideFast Magazine for the day, and hung around while he and some of the other lucky guys got to testing some serious machines. More of that in the April edition of RideFast Magazine, be sure to keep a look out for that.


After setting up and the morning rider briefing, the first group left the pits to start of the day’s action. There was plenty of track time to be had. ‘A’ group were out first, a few of the national series riders taking full advantage to test before the season gets underway, and wow were they quick. I can’t help but still be impressed with the skill that these guys possess.

Speaking of skill, Ricky Morais is still seriously quick, and was up in the top 5 on the time-sheets among some of the current flock of national riders. It’s no wonder Shez is so quick with a father like that. (I stole that quote from Rob, sorry Rob). Watching him ride is a privilege! Watching him and Rob ride together, damn that made my day. They are both seriously quick!


Each session was 20 to 25 minutes long. ‘A’ Group followed by ‘B1’, then ‘B2’, lastly ‘C’ Group, where I will hopefully be one of these days (Can’t say it will be the near future at this point). Watching the different groups go around, you get that crazy thought in your head of; “I want to do this!”. The bug bites and it bites hard.

Away from the action on track, there was a tyre fitment centre for those who needed a new set of rubber for the day, or for those who burnt through their current set on the day. A few helmets and other fancy looking gear was on sale as well as, and I say this clenching my teeth because I wanted to buy everything, a store selling all sorts of MotoGP and other racing merchandise. Speaking of merch, RideFast were selling Brad Binder, Darryn Binder and Sheridan Morais merch, which again put me in agony as I wanted everything!

It’s all down to the experience and the people at the end of the day. The day was really well organised. You could see the satisfaction on the face of the riders. The track was in beautiful condition, the weather was perfect and there were some serious machines on track. The turnout was more than I expected. The pit garage was packed from the one end to the other and yet the day ran smoothly.

So if you missed this one, I do feel for you. It seemed like one awesome day even from a non-rider’s perspective. I suggest keeping a look out for the next track day at Kyalami and booking your spot fast! Until then, get in contact with Track-Daze and get riding!

My Word on Track-Daze at Kyalami.

(Featured image credit: RideFast Sportsbike Magazine Facebook page.)

(Kyalami image credit:


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