Wayne’s Word is about Motorcycles.

I, Wayne van Tonder, absolutely love motorcycles! However, I don’t own one of my own just yet. I have, however, been riding since the age of 7. From my very first PW50 to the bike I ride now – A Triumph Tiger (which as I mentioned before is not actually mine, but my Dad’s.)

The Blog came about over this love for motorcycles – and the fact that I did not get to be on a motorcycle as often as I would like – coupled with the idea of doing some writing, which I was considering at the time. It seemed like the right choice to bring those two elements together.

What would I write about?

Well, what are motorcycles all about? They are covered in great history, enjoyed on the streets and on the track, and this is all brought together by the people who share a passion for the beautiful machines. That then, is what I will write about. The History, the racing and the people involved.

This is it then. This is my word on Motorcycles – Wayne’s Word.

Let’s start it up and get it going. I hope you enjoy the read.